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Ridge Runner
Registered: 06/02/12
Posts: 28
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Now this is cool, knowing KTM it will be $45000 but man its whicked.

Ktm AX
the ax is a radical off-road four-wheel vehicle concept

Status: Finished.
Duration: 01.02.2008 - 01.07.2008
Project partner: KTM Mattighofen
Project coordinator: Sebastien Stassin
Team faculty members:
Sebastien Stassin, Phil Perez, Marc Ischepp, Christian Hahn-Wörnle - kiska design, Salzburg (Gastprofessoren)

FH-Prof. DI Dr.Georg Wagner (Engineering)

Werner Kleissner + Walter Lach (Modellbau)

Team student members:
Markus Klug und Lukas Fuchs
the ax is a radical off-road four-wheel vehicle concept which links ktm’s motocross competence to the purist design of the x-bow. hybrid propulsion combined with four individually steerable electric engines, huge ground clearance, reinforced tyres and a generously sized suspension offer maximum traction and unlimited agility.


Ridge Runner
Registered: 16/02/12
Posts: 11
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I forget what channel but I saw a blurp about this thing.... Wow... I want one

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Ridge Runner
Registered: 09/02/12
Posts: 39
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the frame look super robust. I hope they end up building this buggy, may have to take out a 2nd mortgage


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Ridge Runner
Registered: 17/02/12
Posts: 38
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I bet it would cost even more, the x-bow is already $80K

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Ridge Runner
Registered: 18/09/12
Posts: 92
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It will never be built. Its only a concept. Remember the Original Chevy volt?
Or the concept Ford Escape hybrid? They make the wicked cool concepts then when production hits it is just some plain Jane crap just like everything else.

Ridge Runner
Registered: 16/04/12
Posts: 14
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There was a buggy by VW about 5 years ago, I cant remember the name but it almost went to production but they scraped it last minute. i wish I could remember the name it was actually more of a roadster type but very cool and was set around $24k

I think since its KTM it may actually make it to production but out of reach for most middle income earners.

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Ridge Runner
Registered: 18/09/12
Posts: 92
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Whats the wheel stance on that thing? 10 feet? Good luck getting down any trails with that baby. Another reason it will never be made.
On the other hand it looks just like one of my R/C cars. I always wanted a life size one! 

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sideXside Trooper
Registered: 31/01/12
Posts: 274
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This thing would only be worthwhile if it were made street-legal.
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